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This week, we've teamed up with Man Flow Yoga to bring you a specially curated 10-minute flexibility workout. Founded by Dean Pohlman, who had been in and out of physical therapy for over a decade due to various lacrosse injuries, Man Flow Yoga is (as you can likely gather) for men. 

Men are typically less flexible than women. They tend to rely on upper body strength instead of core strength. They hunch more. They move differently. And women make up over 80% of yoga practitioners! After accidentally attending a yoga class, Dean saw the benefit of yoga, the discrepancy, and the opportunity to change it. You can read more about his story here



With your favorite yoga gear on and the mindset to sweat, let's get to it. 

For further reference, here are the six poses we did in the video. 

Pose 1 - Standing Side Stretch/Backbend 
Pose 2 - Chair Pose 
Pose 3 - Forward Fold 
Pose 4 - Low Lunge 
Pose 5 - Half Split
Pose 6 - Pigeon
You can also check out Man Flow Yoga on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram
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