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We sat down with the Founder and Leaders behind M'Powered Brotherhood to learn more about how they're continuing to grow their community, deepen connection and encourage men to fully express themselves, in all facets of life. Here's what they had to say.

How was M'Powered Brotherhood founded? What’s the story behind it?

It all started with a simple idea of men getting together in Austin and working out. In the beginning, only 5 guys were sweating and bonding at Stefanos’s home gym in Austin, Texas. Then it started to grow, and we ended up at Cal Callahan’s home gym called the Bunker. Before we knew it, we outgrew that gym and ended up at ONNIT in Austin, Texas. 

Now the group is regularly over 50 men strong, but it didn’t end there. We eventually outgrew that space, and now we are outdoors at Zilker Park averaging 80-100 men every Thursday morning. MPB started as a simple workout, but then it grew into something more powerful–something so extremely needed in our society. It became a safe space for men to be seen and heard. To express their feelings but also roar like a lion. We listened to what men needed and that was community, brotherhood, and guidance. 

So, we created MPB to serve every man in the world through coaching, workshops, retreats, events, men’s circles, and of course, physical fitness.  

MPB became a real brotherhood where men can be fully expressed in all their greatness, heal our trauma, and work collectively to be better in every aspect of their lives.

What was the inspiration behind M'Powered Brotherhood? What problem were you trying to solve?

The inspiration was brotherhood and community. We all just wanted to be together and be MEN! The problem we experienced was that men didn’t have a healthy space to fully express themselves and to be seen fully. Men were asking for more and we simply answered the call.

What’s the main roadblock you see in society when it comes to the acceptance of male vulnerability? 

Men see this as a weakness when in fact, it’s our greatest superpower. The stigma society puts forth is that when men are fully expressed in emotions, it’s considered weak or feminine in action. This, of course, is not true, and we at MPB are re-designing the way men choose to show up in society. We are not advocating for “leaky emotions”. We are a stand for authentic expression. We are asking men to connect to their unprocessed trauma, their unhealed pain and not project unknowingly their frustrations, sadness, low self-esteem and rage onto their loved ones and society. With deliberate practices and trauma informed methodologies we support men in deepening their relationships and releasing their suppressed pain.

Is there anything you want people to know about mental health? 

Mental health/wellness is a real issue affecting so many men globally. Men are under massive pressure to perform, be providers and to consistently be externally validated and successful at a high-level. The societal pressures of “making it” can crush us. Men need to have support around these topics and understand that they are not alone. MPB provides a safe palace for men to express their needs, explore new opportunities and also be heard. We want men to reconnect back to their bodies and get out of their heads. At MPB we promote a warrior ethos and part of that is reconnecting to our tribal roots and healthily challenging each other as men. Not to hurt each other, but to elevate and ask more of each other. Men (and society in general) are notorious for overthinking, which leads us to dismiss our emotions consistently. We want to encourage all of us men to reconnect to our hearts so we can lead with compassion in the world. 

What has been your most significant success so far regarding M'Powered Brotherhood and what you’re trying to achieve?

Organically we were able to create a community of over 1k members globally in a very short period of time and we continue to grow. On a daily basis. Our most significant success has been creating authentic community & brotherhood and the launch and nearly sold out event - The 48 Hour Reset. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the Brotherhood Events and what those are like?

MPB events bring men together and combine many different elements. Our events are fitness-based and focus on mindset, energetics, spirituality, trauma release, emotional intelligence, relationship building, intimacy, the warrior ethos and more. We have a leadership team with some of the most respected and sought-after coaches in their industries. 

Our events are truly one of a kind. Our upcoming event in Austin, Texas, January 14th -16th, is called “the 48-hour reset.” This event is designed to help men reset their nervous systems by using Bio-Hacking & Spirituality. SUPER EPIC EVENT. 

What do you hope attendees take away from your Brotherhood Events?

Men will make deep, long-lasting connections–nothing just surface level. They will feel accepted by other men and create brotherhood.  Our event brings all walks of life together and creates a safe space for the full expression of the masculine. 

Can you tell us more about MPowered Activation Circles?  What are those all about?

Activation circles or “Men’s Circles” are what we call integration work. Men get together in a group of about 50 men and are guided through a sequence of prompts, embodiment practices and exercises that allow them to express themselves sincerely and come into deeper communion with their truth. We create intimacy and vulnerability, which will enable men to dissolve shame. Men’s circles are very powerful because men see they are not alone with what they are experiencing. These circles are a safe space for men to release past or present trauma, and to be seen and held in all ways.

Meet the Team Behind It All


My mission is to help Men live a life of passion, purpose, and play. I support MEN in experiencing their greatness by focusing on four specific pillars; Mind, Body, Spirit & Service.


I believe we’re here to leave the planet better than we found it, and I’m committed to inspiring & empowering my brothers to join me on that mission, and live their best life NOW.


I have come from violence, abuse, shame and volatility. My path has been one of pain and difficulty. I have been blessed to transmute this pain and as a result have channelled this truth and have been grateful to work with thousands of people from all over the world. I am committed to taking these experiences & helping my brothers actualize their fullest potential.


I grew up having to overcome some of the craziest obstacles, but I learned a new approach that has produced a life full of abundance & I'm committed to empowering my brothers with that approach.

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