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Believe it or not, one of the most vital steps in achieving and maintaining healthy and clear skin is staying well-hydrated. Your skin is made up of 64% water, so it makes sense that watching your water intake can help support the health of your skin, not to mention your health overall.

So, how exactly does staying hydrated benefit your skin? Let’s get into the top 5 ways that staying hydrated contributes to skin care

1. Works Against Premature Aging

Staying hydrated can help keep signs of premature aging at bay because water helps improve and maintain the elasticity of your skin. 

Being hydrated can help your skin stay moisturized, and this in turn can help delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other telltale signs of packing on the years. You can further support your skin in the fight against aging by wearing SPF each day and properly moisturizing your skin. 

ASYSTEM’s Daily Defense Moisturizer is full of SPF 30 to combine these two important steps into one so you don’t miss a beat. 

2. Decreases Facial Swelling

Think about it: when you consume too much salt or don’t drink enough water, portions of your body will bloat and become puffier than usual. Your face is just as vulnerable to this as the rest of you, so drinking more water can actually help lessen any puffiness or swelling in your face. This puffiness is your body’s attempt at retaining water for moisture, so continuing to hydrate can lessen the problem by giving it what it’s craving. 

3. Works To Clear Up Acne

Drinking more water can help work against acne because staying hydrated can balance out the oil and water content of your face. If there is more water, there is less oil, and this can lead to clearer pores and overall clearer skin. 

Generally speaking, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water helps restore balance in your body as a whole, which is what keeps your skin balanced, too. 

4. Regulates pH

One of the main causes of acne, sensitivity, or other kinds of skin problems is pH that has been thrown off-balance. Drinking more water can help restore a healthy pH, allowing your skin to glow in perfect synchrony. 

5. Speeds Up Healing

If you are experiencing inflammation on your face, like after excessive sun exposure, drinking ample amounts of water can help speed up the healing process. You can also support this process by using a moisturizer formulated to combat inflammation, like ASYSTEM’s Overnight Rebuilding Cream

The Bottom Line

Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated is critical for optimal health, and this includes the health of your skin. If your overall health and wellbeing was not enough to get you to drink enough water, maybe understanding all of the benefits this can have for your skin will get you on board. 

Making sure your skin is hydrated from both the inside and the outside can help you fight off problems like acne, sensitivity, and inflammation. Choosing the right skin care products can help you along the journey to better skin, and making sure to moisturize and use SPF every day can protect your skin from the elements a lot more than you might think. 

If these top 5 benefits of hydration have you convinced, go fill up that dusty reusable water bottle and you can revel in your newfound clear and healthy skin!


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