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With limited access to a gym or equipment, people have been getting creative with their home workouts. Dale Santiago previously provided a list of common household items anyone can use as alternatives to weights and machines, and one key item here is the humble chair.

With this in mind, today’s workout will be focused on body weights using a chair or two as the only equipment. But don’t be fooled by the lack of added resistance — it’s going to be a tough one.

*Do 3-5 rounds of the warm up and 2-4 rounds of each superset, depending on the intensity that you want for your workout. Rest for at least 30 seconds in between sets and 1-2 minutes after you’ve completed one superset.

Warm up:

Jumping Jacks x100

Inch Worm x10

As mentioned, you can perform up to 3 rounds of the warm-up as you’d like, or even 5 if you want to do a total of 500 Jumping Jacks! But whatever you do, do not skip this stage. These dynamic stretches are recommended not only for increasing your heart rate and muscle temperature, but also supporting the range of motion in your joints.

Superset 1:

Assisted Pistol Squats x10/side

Chair Dips x10

Pistol squats are amazing and work all of the lower body muscles, but they’re not the easiest move to execute. The chair can provide assistance for those who are still developing their hip and leg muscles.

Inchworms are a great warm-up for the chair dips, which Gala Bingo highlights should be in the more challenging part of your workout. This is because the triceps are prone to injury, which is something that most people are not aware of. They are, after all, the largest muscle in your arm, not your biceps, and are important antagonist muscles.

Superset 2:

Elevated Push-ups x10

Squats x10

Depending on your level, you can choose to place your arms on the chair for the push-up or prop your feet up on the chair instead. These are also called decline push-ups and are harder than regular push-ups. They are great for the pecs and the front shoulders.

Then, if you need an added weight for the squat, you can choose to lift the chair as you do so.

Superset 3:

Bulgarian Split Squats x10/side

Seated Leg Tucks x20

Bulgarian split squats are great for the lower body, but they also work the core as a bonus. Your core muscles are working hard to maintain balance, especially since it’s a single-leg exercise.

Lastly, you can’t do a total body workout without working your abs. It might be better to lean back against the unsupported side of your chair, so you can really lower and work your core muscles.


Elevated mountain climbers x20/side

Chair to chair sprints x10


Prop your feet up the chair to elevate — pun intended — your mountain climbers.

Substitute the sprints with burpees if you don’t have enough space available. Either way, both are great ways to squeeze some cardio work in.


Chair Downward Dog x5 full breaths

Chair Pigeon Pose x5 full breaths/side

Chair Spinal Twist x5 full breaths/side

These static stretches are perfect for releasing tension that may have built up during your workout. The chair is optional — you can simply use a mat on the floor if you want — but it’s a useful support for those who are still working on their mobility.


Riah Jannah is a fitness enthusiast and a nutritionist in the making. She has been working a full-time corporate job, while still making room for her studies on diet and nutrition. Her goal is to share her knowledge of holistic health and wellness through her writing and blogging.


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Video credit: Rhone YouTube

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