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We caught up with Health House CEO earlier this month. Now let's get to know the crew that helps you reach your potential. Meet Kupah James and Trace Gotsis, two of Health House's trainers in West Hollywood. We caught up with them to hear a little about their careers as trainers and their favorite way to move. Let's hear what they had to say. 



How long have you been a trainer, how did you get started?

I have been a trainer for 16 years. A long time ago I was a professional dancer (clubs, concerts) then moved into the fitness space. 


What are your favorite Rhone pieces to train in?

My favorite Rhone pieces are the shorts (with liner); it just checks two boxes at the same time. Specifically the new 4" Swift Knit Shorts. Those are my number ones at the moment. Second would be the Spar Joggers, MINT!


Biggest bang for your buck workout move?

Burpee hands down, Power, Speed, Core, Push, Explosive, Form, Cardio, Coordination, Difficulty, and No Equipment needed? The Burpee!


When you’re not teaching/training, what are you doing? 

I’m usually napping or riding my motorcycle. It’s peaceful, calming, and quiet, which I am none of those things, but it's a good balance. I also LOVE movies, mixing music, anime, and on occasion, you can find me in the dark for hours with a video juego.


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How long have you been a trainer and how did you get started?

I've been a trainer for 3 years after discovering Health House & joining the team while living in Kansas City. I played baseball through the collegiate level so training has always been a passion of mine, but made the jump to becoming a trainer with Health House.


What are your favorite Rhone piece(s) to train in?

Oh boy, tough one. I love training in the Rhone Guru 7" shorts. Super versatile, breathable and the fit is perfection! My favorite top to train in is the Swift Tank. Extremely light and comfortable!


Favorite biggest bang for your buck workout move?

Bear crawl - you're working the entire spectrum with this one keeping the entire body controlled throughout the movement. Definitely one of my favorite go-to full body moves.


When you’re not teaching/training, what are you doing?

Listening to music and being outside. Together or separate! Music is such a big part of my life, especially being a trainer/group fitness instructor. I always have some tunes playing whenever I can. I start to feel a little trapped whenever I'm stuck indoors, so being outdoors is critical for me! Whether it's going for walks with my dog, sitting outside at a coffee shop or finding a patch of grass to post up, as long as I get that fresh air I'm happy!


Want to take a class from Trace? Click here to join! 


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