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Have you ever wanted to harness your inner Vinny Chase by becoming Aqua Man, but don't know where to start? How about with Rhone's new Gotham Collection, which harnesses the power of the ocean within its fibers.

The knowledge that the sea contains health promoting substances is not new.  What is new, however, is the ability to harness those active ingredients in a permanent way into fibers. Introducing the Gotham SeaCell Collection.  In short, a cellulose fiber is modified with the active substance of seaweed harvested from the fjords of Iceland to create a garment that protects the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. The entire process uses wholly renewable raw materials, ensuring sustainability and protection for the environment.

But wait, there's more. Guys are a sweaty bunch and usually we view that as a problem. SeaCell turns that notion on its head by facilitating an active exchange of substances between the fiber and the skin as the body produces moisture.  Health promoting nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E are released when the fabric is worn.

The collection holds up to our performance standard as well. The fabric is breathable and soft, making it the ideal piece to add to your cold weather collection. We also added subtle strips of reflective tape that only turn from black to silver when direct light hits them. This keeps you stylish during the day and safe from car headlights during those early morning or late night runs.

So why wait? Become a superhero now. Oh, and we promise you won't smell like an aquarium.

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