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With so many products out there, it’s hard to know where to start, especially when your goal is to keep things simple and easy. We tasked master groomer and stylist Breno Miranda to give us three simple products that work for all hair types to get you started.


V76- Tonic Water: This product is a great priming spray that’s slightly cleanses your hair while adding moisture before styling. I strongly advise my clients to limit the amount of shampoo they use throughout the week so this spray is a great way to prime or wet your hair whilst cleansing before adding product and styling it. This product applies to all hair types.

V76-Grooming Cream: This is great overall cream for all hair textures. The grooming cream is lightweight and comes in a easy to squeeze tube. It is very versatile and use it two different ways most of the time. I use it on many occasions on damp hair before I blow dry/style to add hold and volume. I finish with just a pinch of it to settle hairs in place. You end up with a very groomed finish that is still moldable with your fingers. I recommend this product as a great primer for very coarse or Afro hair as well after a wash. It adds great shine and hold as it controls frizz.

V76- Molding Paste: This molding paste like most V76 products is also very applicable to most hair textures. For someone with medium to coarse/curly/wavy texture I like to apply it damp hair and let it air dry for a very natural finish with good hold(controls frizz). It is also a good finishing paste on dry hair to add texture for either a sleek finish or “piecey” look if you don’t like the super polished finish.



V76- Control Balm: This product is the heaviest of all i use. It’s meant for very straight/ thick and Asian/indigenous textures. I like to apply a dime size amount on my palms and apply to wet/damp hair. You can take it a step further and blow dry this product in. Trust me, your hair isn’t going anywhere.

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