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We've enlisted trainer Johnny Fontana (owner of Virtu, a private training gym in LA) to put you through a full-body workout you can do in your home. He's broken it down into three groupings to get your whole body working up a sweat. So grab your mat (that's all you'll need) and let's get started.


Equipment Needed: Mat and Your Body

Group A

Move 1: Reaching Crab 3x10 each

Move 2: Crossbody to Scorpion 3x10 each

Move 3: 90-90 Hip Taps 3x10 each (10-second hold on the bottom of the 10th rep)



Group B

Move 1: Scap Pushups 3x15

Move 2: Bruce Lee Squat Flow 3x3 each

Move 3: Hollowbody Hold 3x:15


Group C

Move 1: High Knee Switch to Lateral Bound 3x10 each (5 stabilizing/5continuous)

Move 2: Shoulder Taps to Plyo Pushup 3x10 each

Move 3: Seated Leg Lifts 3x20


Johnny Fontana is the founder of Virtru, a private training gym in LA. To see more from Johnny, follow him on Instagram: @vitru_la and @johnnyfonz
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