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Outdoor workout season is hanging on strong (or maybe you're lucky enough to have it all year) and we're taking our daily sweat sessions outdoors as much as possible. We reached out to trainer and kettlebell master Jacques Delaugère to put together a full body kettlebell workout to kick your week off. So clear some space, grab a kettlebell, and let's get started. 

Perform these patterns in a 3-5 sets, 5-12 reps scheme with 45-60 second rest between sets.


Strict Presses: When pressing loads overhead you're performing one of the better trunk stability (core) patterns as you prevent any arching in your spine while improving your push strength. 


Half Kneeling Halos: the half kneeling nature challenges your stability but the fluid movement of the halo allows to tap into your thoracic mobility all while engaging your trunk throughout.


Goblet Squat + Prisoner Curl: this squat / curl combo hits perfectly your lower and upper body specifically your quads, glutes and biceps respectively.


Kickstand Bent Over Rows: these translate to your more typical everyday movements, look to improve your back strength with this pattern


Single Arm Swings: this is your go to for an explosive hip extension, strengthens your whole body while being one of the most effective metabolic exercises.


Single Arm Cleans: the most conventional method of loading the body with the kettlebells so perfecting this whole body pattern is imperative.



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