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The PGA Tour has been postponed through mid-May and we are seriously going to miss watching two majors and some incredible golf being played. Worse, we are missing the fact that we may not be able to go play and practice on our own course right now. So rather than lament in the fact that your game is going to go down the drain, let’s take a page from many of my tour players' book and reframe this time to sharpen the best piece of equipment in your bag…your body!

Here is a quick foundational golf performance program that you can begin that has a lot of bang for your buck. We are working on multidirectional hip mobility, mid-spine mobility, core stability, hip stability, and dynamic stability. All these facets will lay a tremendous foundation for your golf game. Remember, movement is medicine! So grab your club and let’s get to work.


Mobility Work: 2-3 sets x 10 repetitions each side

Half-Kneeling Linear Hip Mobility


Half-Kneeling Adductor Rock with Trunk Rotation




Activation Work: 3-4 rounds x 12-15 repetitions each side

Resisted Deadbugs


Resisted Single-Leg Deadlift (SLDL)


 Lateral Hops with Torso Rotation


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