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To celebrate the launch of their new platform, Rumble TV, we enlisted Rumble Trainer Julian Devine (or JD) to put you through a quick boxing progression to kick your week off right. Take simple boxing combinations and go with the flow, no equipment needed. Use a consistent tempo to execute each punch to feel like the champ you already are.



  • Work Each Movement For 30 Seconds Each

  • Repeat 2x = 14 Minute Workout

  • Goal: Learn Simple Boxing Combinations - Challenge Rhythm Of Punches



  • Boxing should never be rushed. Complete each punch even if it’s at a slower tempo.

  • 12’s Corkscrew Out and In to the face

  • 34’s 90 Degree Bend in Elbow as you pivot in the hip rotating in.

  • 56’s Elbow points down as forearm faces up to ceiling. Bend in knees snap with punch.



Stance + Bounce (Forward & Back)

1-2-1-2 (Jab - Cross - Jab - Cross)


1-2-1-2-3-4 (Jab - Cross - Jab - Cross - Front Hook - Back Hook)



1-2-1-2-5-6 (Jab - Cross - Jab - Cross - Front Uppercut - Back Uppercut)

1-2 NONSTOP POWER (Jab - Cross Nonstop)


1-2 NONSTOP SPEED (Jab - Cross Nonstop)





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Rumble's live and on demand workout platform featuring unlimited access to Boxing, HIIT, Strength & Running workouts. No experience necessary; no equipment necessary. 

Click HERE for an extended 2-week free trial courtesy of Rhone.




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