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What is one thing your father taught you that has resonated with you? 

My father immigrated to the United States from Korea in 1983 to pursue the American Dream. He started his journey flipping hamburgers at a local deli. He barely knew the language and the internet obviously wasn’t around back then.

He eventually worked his way up the company while saving enough money by sleeping on the floor in a studio apartment with my mom and several other people and actually bought that deli a few years later. That deli turned into a franchise of 10 other delis all around New York City.

Through his sheer hard work throughout that time, he has left a lasting impact on me in regards to the value of work ethic.


If your children and grandchildren remember you for one thing, what do you hope it will be?

That I always made them feel special and heard just by intently listening to them and actively seeking to understand them.


If you could teach your kids one thing, what would it be?

Self-esteem. An authentic, true sense of self-esteem. That would mean they could go about life and not let outside factors or people dictate their view of themselves or question their worthiness.

That would help them navigate all the feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, shame, insecurity, and fear that we all have instead of letting those thoughts consume them.


What do you enjoy most about being a dad? 

Seeing the wonder in my son’s eyes as he explores the world around him. Whether it’s walking around during a hike and experiencing nature, visiting a zoo or aquarium or museum, or trying to solve a puzzle or figuring out a toy, I just love seeing him enjoy the process of discovering and learning new things.


What’s one song you hope your kids will think of you when they hear?

Free by Zac Brown Band


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