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It’s simple: you’re looking for something fitting and comfortable that offers flexible movement throughout the various pursuits you have in any given day. We get it. We also know that sometimes, shopping for a new pair of shorts, or even something as simple as a t-shirt can feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and you ask yourself, “Which one is the best?” 

You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to confidently say we’ve got something for you whether you’re always on the go, looking for something that can shift from day to night, or maybe you’re just looking to freshen things up. To help make your browsing experience more convenient, we’ve connected with some of our very own Rhone employees to give you the inside scoop on their favorite gear.

Chief Merchandising Officer
Our Merchandising Officer has an eye for those simple but essential closet items.


My absolute favorite item in our active line. I've given this to my husband, brother, and friends and it is an instant hit. Super soft tee for working out but also is great for running errands, casual get togethers, picking the kids up from school. I especially love these in our heathered colors!

7" Mako Tech Short

Built from our bestselling Mako Short, the Tech version is a bit more streamlined. It has an exposed black elastic waistband that is comfortable against the skin, and has the bonus drawcord as well.

Element Tee

One of the best men's tees that I've seen in my entire career. This is everything you want in a tee shirt that you can dress up or down with shorts or pants. The fit is super flattering and the fabric is not only soft but made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. This is a staple item for everyone's closet in multiple colors for every day of the week!

Cameron Ahouse

Community Leader

Straight and to the point. Our resident workout guru and master of movement likes to stay comfortable whether that’s while enduring a grueling metcon or a night out on the town.

Commuter Joggers

Super comfy and stretchy, can wear them as airplane travel pants which I did, on the golf course or for a night out.

Reign Long Sleeve

Too comfortable to not to want to wear all day. Hugs the body in the right spots.

Spar Hoodie

Love the feel of the material and like the full zipper. Lightweight and functional

Hannah Trefry

Communications Coordinator

Hannah’s favorite Rhone items are versatile and designed with you in mind. From the office, to the beach, these pieces are guaranteed to keep up.

Commuter Shirt

The Commuter Shirt is always my go-to answer for anyone asking what Rhone product they should have in their closet. The innovation, attention to detail, and fabric choice for a dress shirt is truly admirable. Our design team really hit this product out of the park! Who wouldn’t want a dress shirt that has four-way stretch and can be machine washed?! 10/10.

Bolinas Beach Poncho

In my opinion, beach vibes don’t end when summer does.The Bolinas Beach Poncho is lightweight and mega comfortable. Wear it on the beach post-ocean dip or wear it on the couch while watching football, either way you’ll feel real good and still have those beach vibes coursing through you.

Bolinas Beach Jogger

Ditto on the Bolinas Beach Jogger. Bonus beach vibe points if you wear the full set.

Reign Short Sleeve

I love the Reign Short Sleeve. This product has been on the Rhone line for some time and has long been a customer favorite. Plus, this shirt alone has received multiple awards from the media for how the shirt performs at the gym. You can’t go wrong with the Reign.

Caysem Johnson

Graphic Designer

As someone who’s always on the move, (literally, he travels via #vanlife all over the country) Caysem has a need for speed. These pieces keep him moving from day to night no matter the occasion.

Commuter Pant Five Pocket

My Commuter Five Pocket Pants are my favorite pants I own. They have a classic look while being so so much more comfortable than jeans. I love that I can wear them on a hike or dress them up for an important event. As someone who is a minimalist, I value having a pair of pants that can be used for any and all occasions. Truthfully, I wear them multiple time between washes and they always look (and smell) fresh. *feel free to omit that from the record lol I also love the way they look rolled/cuffed. I am convinced this is the only pant you need.

Element Tee

I have many other premium tee in the past but the Element Tee just does it better. It is ridiculously comfy and looks sharp on. The fabric is seriously awesome because it doesn't hold onto wrinkles (awesome if you keep your shirts stuffed in a small drawer inside your van) and it holds its shape. Other tees I have owned end up looking stretched out and worn down over a year of wear, but the Element Tee keeps its shape and looks good (for what I am assuming will be forever). Knowing that it is responsibly made is plus.

Commuter Shirt

I am not a fan of dressing up. At all. That being said, the Commuter Shirt has changed that for me. Much to my surprise, this shirt is ACTUALLY comfortable. Every other dress shirt I have feels like I am in a straight jacket, but this allows me to move and breathe. It also, doesn't hold on to wrinkles, which again, I don't hang my shirts and this thing always looks presentable.

Rhone Legend Hat

I hate doing my hair. Call me lazy, but I promise there is a subset of dudes out there that will agree with me. The Rhone Legend Hat is the answer. It is a timeless design that will be the cherry on top of your outfit. And it honestly looks good with most outfits. I could be biased here.



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