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It's time to take your push-ups to the next level. We enlisted Rumble and amateur boxer Julian Devine (who goes by JD) to teach you how to take regressed movement from the ground up to feel stronger and confident with your push ups and boxing. All you need is your body and some space. Let's get after it. 



  • Work: 30 Sec + Rest: 30 Sec

  • Repeat 2x = 10 Minute Workout

  • Goal: Build Up To The Perfect Push Up



  • Bird dog - Draw should blades down and pull in rib cage while lengthening the opposing limbs away from the center.

  • Scap Push Ups - Protract and Retraction of the shoulder blades. Let them kiss each other and separate them as much as you can while keep arm straight.

  • Bend Elbows, Bend Knees, Straighten Your Elbows, Straighten Knees  



Inch Worm Spider Lunge

Alternating Bird Dog

 Scap Push Ups Bear Plank

Scap Push Ups High Plank 

4 - Part Push Up Progression 

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