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This year for Veteran's Day we worked with our friends at the Fit Ops Foundation to continue to gain awareness and support for Veterans who wish to get trained and certified as professional trainers. What better way to do this than to challenge you in a #civilianpatrolchallenge of your very own.

Created by Erik Bartell of the Fit Ops team, this full-body workout will test your conditioning and torch your legs, chest, shoulders, core, and arms. The 5 no-equipment moves will give you a taste of an actual combat patrol workout. So strap on your shoes, grab a weighted vest if you'd like, and let's get to work. 

Rounds Movement Rep Count Total Reps
1 to 5 Jump Squat 100 500
1 to 5 Curtsy lunge 50 250
1 to 5 Sprawl to Crawl (Spiderman PU) 25 125
1 to 5 Dive Bomber Pushups 50 250
1 to 5 Step Up Knee Up 100 (each leg) 500


Complete 5 rounds for time. Rest as needed. Weight vest optional.

Jump Squat

Complete 100 Jump Squats per round for a total of 500. 


Curtsy Lunge

Complete 50 Curtsy Lunges per round for a total of 250. 



Sprawl to Crawl (Spiderman PU)

Complete 25 Sprawl to Crawls per round for a total of 125. 


Dive Bomber Pushups

Complete 50 Dive Bomber Pushups per round for a total of 250. 



Step Up Knee Up

Complete 100 Step Up Knee Ups per round for a total of 500. 

Share your workout on Instagram and use the hashtag #civilianpatrolchallenge. Be sure to tag @rhone as well! Good luck! 



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