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If you’re interested in fitness, one of the best places to start is to consider a health and wellness coach. One of their main responsibilities is to advise you on how to maintain your health as well as improve your overall quality of life. 

But before making the decision on whether to employ one, it’s essential that you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


What are the advantages of having a health and wellness coach? 

Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting a health and wellness coach is vital before you make the decision to do so. Health and wellness coaches are particularly useful for beginners in the field. 

If you want to become a personal trainer or maybe start looking and health and wellness coaches, it’s best to be familiar with personal trainer prerequisites. This will ensure that you are aware of the basic responsibilities and duties of the coach. 


Proper Technique 

If you’re just getting started on your wellness journey, it can be common for you to make some mistakes. For instance, a prospective baseball player may do training and focus on exercises that are not particularly suited to the sport.

A good health and wellness coach will demonstrate to you how to train like a baseball player

It is also common for beginners to do basic exercises wrong. This can not only waste your time but also lead to you making very little progress or even cause injury. There is nothing worse than spending hours on end exercising and then making very little gains. 

A good health and wellness coach will not hesitate to explain basic things to you, including basic exercises like how to squat properly. There are dozens of different variations of the squat exercise and different ways to perform the exercise. 


Assistance With Improvement 

In the beginning, you may also struggle to achieve and maintain improvement over-time. A lack of improvement for a long period of time can sometimes cause you to lose motivation. 

A good health and wellness coach will assist you to track and maintain progress.  They will also assist you in improving your workout to improve performance. 

Motivating yourself to persevere in training can be hard, especially when results are not clearly visible. Many athletes increase the intensity of their training when they see a lack of results. This can lead to injury in the worst-case scenario. 

A good coach will focus on the details such as run frequency, cadence, pace, average heart rate, and elevation in order to improve results. 



Recovery is an important part of wellness which you’ll often struggle with. You’ll often feel that you must train as hard as possible. This can lead to over-exertion. Not only is over-exertion bad for your mind, but it can also lead to burn-out. 

On the other hand, a lack of motivation from you can lead to injuries that can be either short-term or in the worst-case scenario long-term. 

A good health and wellness coach will properly instruct you on the fundamentals of recovery and how to properly implement it. Some of the aspects of recovery include sleep which is non-negotiable, eating regularly and healthily, and drinking water at regular intervals. The recovery process will have different requirements depending on what you are training for and your timeline for healing. 



The recent pandemic has caused many in the fitness niche to improvise. Not everyone has easy access to functional gym and exercise equipment these days. 

This is not necessarily a disaster. There are exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your home by themselves to keep them fit. A good health and wellness coach will help you deal with new and challenging situations. This includes starting you off with basic exercises that you can perform from the comfort of your home. This includes basic stretches that you can do from anywhere and doing a home workout with just regular household items. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can attain a high level of fitness without the use of specialized gym and exercise machinery. Learning the exercises which can maximize your fitness can be a rewarding process. 


Coping Mentally 

The recent pandemic has had a mental impact on most people. Some have been infected, others have lost their jobs or had a salary cut. In the worst-case scenario, some people lost loved ones to the disease. A good health and wellness coach understands that achieving and maintaining good mental health is vital for one to be healthy and strong. A great coach will be able to assist you professionally when it comes to dealing with loss and uncertainty.

In order to deal effectively with loss and uncertainty, you can practice meditation and relaxation, avoid extreme thinking and speaking, and focus on functioning effectively under the circumstances. 

Issuing Challenges

We are naturally social creatures. We are likely to achieve a task more effectively if it involves helping another person. The duties of a health and wellness coach also include giving you proper advice and holding you accountable. 

A coach will also issue you with challenges that will improve your fitness and keep you motivated. This can include challenging you to perform a backyard bodyweight workout or challenging you to watch movies that can benefit your life. 

Food Advice 

Eating properly is as important as exercising if you want to improve your body shape. A lot of us don’t get adequate results due to eating improperly. 

A good health and wellness coach will educate you on the importance of eating properly and at regular intervals. They will suggest foods that you can try out such as a healthy and filling snack platter. It is important for you to diversify your diet in order to keep eating healthy and getting the nutrients your body needs. 

Eating the same food items on a regular basis can lead to boredom. This can potentially lead to you losing interest and regularly taking ‘cheat days’.  A good health and wellness coach will keep you motivated and suggest different healthy snacks that you can consider eating. 

Having a good health and wellness coach can be very rewarding. If the individual has a strong connection with you, it can lead to improved levels of happiness, motivation, and fitness. 


Tyler Read is the owner of which is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the personal training industry. He helps people discover, study, and pass their fitness exams. Check out his free videos for the latest trends.



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