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I have a vivid memory of our Chief Product Officer walking into our dimly lit, horribly carpeted, six-person office in the early days of Rhone with a prototype. It was a pant with a simple tag that had, in rushed handwriting, something scribbled. I read it like a second grader pronouncing every letter “Commuter Pant.” We knew this was a brand-defining moment for us and that this product if executed properly could open the door for us to a whole new group of customers. We brought it in, quietly launched it on our site and within about a month, it was completely sold out. Every size and color. Reviews poured in, and the customers had spoken, the Commuter Pant was here to stay.

Fast forward a few years to the present day and we make this pant in several different cuts, colors, and finishes, and honestly, we feel it’s just the beginning for this amazing product. When people ask me about it, I always say some variation of the same thing which goes like this: “There are a few moments in your daily routine, call it 5% of your time, where you absolutely have to have performance. The other 95% of the time you just want to look good and be comfortable. Because we can’t dramatically leap into a phone booth and swap our pants, we made the Commuter Pant. It’s not made for running, it’s made for running down a train. It’s not made for jumping, it’s made to jump over puddles.” Well, our brain wavelength must have been tuned into the same frequency as the crew over at Wolf and Shepherd. They craft dress shoes that are made to feel and perform like a running shoe. Shoes, they say, that “meet the needs of the modern, high-performing professional.”

While not a new concept, what separates Wolf and Shepherd from the rest of the competition is how simple and elegant their materials, designs, and message are. Full grain Italian leather treated with a proprietary blend of natural oils minimizes the often painful break-in period and allows you to feel as good as they look right out of the box. When your hustle is strictly professional, it’s important to look the part, but if you could conceal the best performance aspects of your favorite active products into that uniform, wouldn’t you?

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Let’s talk construction. Wolf and Shepherd begins with an incredible foundation, a sturdy outsole that when worn down over time makes it possible for the shoe to be re-soled. From there, they add an all-day comfort heel and a German leather midsole that adds brains and brawn to your shoe game. Then we get straight to the space age with a carbon fiber footplate for featherweight strength and a memory foam layer that molds to the shape and contour of your foot. But don’t forget about the grand finale, a super soft sheepskin lining, luxe Italian calfskin upper, and additional cushion where you need it most.

On the note of style, Wolf and Shepherd is not going to be easily swayed by the newest styles or flashy trends. These are the types of shoes that will always look good with a suit or said differently, you could jump into a time machine and blend right in with the greatest generation. They have style, panache, and gumption without trying too hard.

And as always, Wolf and Shepherd is just a solid group of individuals that we really like working with. They, like us, consider themselves a bold underdog in a competitive space that is beating the odds and taking a bite out of the competition. They are as creative as they are compassionate and collaborative, too. Life is too short to work with people you don’t like and darn it, we just like this team and we love their products.

To see more from Wolf and Shepherd, visit their website or check them out on Instagram


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