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There are certain terms thrown around in the workplace that, despite my best efforts, make me cringe. From talking about someone’s “bandwidth” to promising to “ping” someone later in the day, these terms mean so much and yet, nothing at all. Another word brought into our business lexicon that I have always struggled to tolerate is “optics.”

Optics is the way in which a course of action is perceived by the public and in our line of work is usually followed by a thorough explanation of why an idea is no longer a good one based on many factors. It’s not that I don’t understand or appreciate the need for optics, but sometimes like a petulant toddler, I want to do what I want to do. “Optics be damned, let’s start a conversation!” I cry.

But once you get past your ego, optics is a helpful way to see something that you haven’t before, change your perspective, and ultimately protect yourself from elements outside of your control.

I had a similar experience with Revo Sunglasses. Initially, I thought I knew what Revo was all about, but upon receiving and wearing their products it became abundantly clear why these sunglasses have been around for more than 35 years.

Revo prides itself on being the original performance sunglass brand, pioneered by a NASA grade optical engineer who brought an unusual approach to a common problem. Dr. Mitch Ruda took special coatings that protected satellite porthole windows from space radiation and applied them to sunglass lenses launching a new class of performance glasses that excel in a variety of scenarios. Throughout the 80’s Revo stood as the benchmark for sporty shades, ski goggles, and other eyewear pieces.

Today, Revo brings the exact same scientific approach to their lenses and pairs a heritage of engineering with a flair for rugged construction and timeless style. My Revos have a comfortable place in my car, as they are my go-to for driving or a day at the pool. They are lightweight, comfortable, and the lenses provide incredible clarity.

Revo Founder Mitch Ruda (top); Rhone Co-Founder Kyle McClure (bottom)


Having kids, my sunglasses have an average shelf life of about 2 months before they are broken, lost, scratched, or otherwise disfigured. My Revo sunglasses have endured abuse after abuse and flex back into shape, resist scratches, and bounce back to life with ease. I’ve literally never had a pair of sunglasses more durable as these.

So the optics here are pretty clear. Revo is celebrating 35 years of providing performance sunglasses to hundreds of thousands of customers, and to be honest we here at Rhone absolutely love our Revos. If you’re looking for a pair of shades that won’t fall short, look no further. Revo is clearly seen as the best of the best.



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