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So, how do you really choose the right supplement or brand for you and your goals? Given the amount of players in the game of "wellness," the overwhelm of trying to choose a brand can be enough to make you want to throw in the towel. Flaunting certain claims and using buzzy marketing terms are one thing but a product that you can actually stand behind? There's a whole lot more that goes into that than a flashy label to catch the eye. Insert: NOCCO. Not only do they have eye-catching cans, but it's what's inside that matters. We caught up with the team at NOCCO to learn more about their cleaner energy drinks and where they see the brand going in the future. 

How was the company founded?

Vitamin Well was founded in Sweden 2008 with an ambition to build a portfolio of brands in the functional food and drinks sector. NOCCO is one of the brands in the Vitamin Well group, and launched into the US March 2019.

What problem were you (or are you consistently) trying to solve?

NOCCO wants to provide a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and juices, and cleaner energy for health conscious consumers.

Can you tell us more about the name?

NOCCO stands for No Carbs Company, all our products are always carb free.

Can you tell us more about the actual products themselves? What are the differences between them?

NOCCO is always sugar free, zero carbs and have vitamins and Branched-chain amino acids. Our blue cans are caffeinated with 180mg of caffeine to provide energy for your workouts. Our green cans are caffeine-free with higher level of BCAAs, for recovery and late night workouts.

If you each had to pick your favorite Nocco product, what is it and why?

My favorite is Caribbean, it’s one of the first ones we launched to the US, and has a refreshing taste of pineapple.

How do you see Nocco continuing to grow in the future? What’s next? 

We’re excited to expand our US presence by growing distribution and brand awareness through innovative new flavors and incredible brand ambassador team.

How does Nocco support individuals in all of their various daily Pursuits?

NOCCO supports athletes and individuals by providing a delicious pick me up during the day, boost energy for your workout and a healthier alternative than the traditional energy drink. NOCCO is made for hard work!

Can you give us a quick glimpse into a day-in-the-life for you all?

The marketing team works from our office in Venice, California. Everyday looks different, but usually consists of managing social media, workouts with our brand ambassadors, planning for our next event and brainstorming for fun campaigns, product launches and filming TikToks.

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