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A midday bite, a post-workout refuel or maybe a sweet treat after dinner–protein bars are quite the versatile packaged snack. But we can all agree, when get a protein bar that has that chalky aftertaste, that same bar might very well find its new home in the bottom of the trash bin. Looking to step up your protein bar? We've got just the brand...say hello to Barebells. We asked the team at Barebells to give us some insight into how they got started and what flavors you might be seeing next. Here's what they had to say.

How was the company founded?

Vitamin Well was founded in Sweden 2008 with an ambition to build a portfolio of brands in the functional food and drinks sector. Barebells is one of the brands in the Vitamin Well group, and launched into the US in January 2020.

What problem were you (or are you consistently) trying to solve?

We believe in happy eating and healthy living. That’s why Barebells offer a whole range of irresistible protein bars that never compromises with flavor.

Can you tell us more about the name?

Barebells is inspired from America in the 50s and the name comes both from barbell lifting and bare/clean/healthy ingredients.

Can you tell us more about the actual products themselves? What are the differences between them?

The protein bars are high in protein and low in sugar with 20g of protein and no added sugar, without compromising on flavor. We also offer a plant-based line that has 15g of protein

If you each had to pick your favorite Barebells product, what is it and why?

Favorite protein bar varies everyday, but I’m really excited about our newest flavor, Holiday Crisp - Limited for the holiday season.

How do you see Barebells continuing to grow in the future? What’s next? 

We’re excited to expand our US presence by growing distribution and brand awareness through our incredible brand ambassador team and continually launches new flavors.

How does Barebells support individuals in all of their various daily Pursuits?

Barebells supports individuals by providing irresistible protein bars that taste like a candy bar but are also good for you! 

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