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Kick your week off with this upper body crawl from San Francisco-based trainer Vidal Carlin. This week we're keeping it simple with this zero equipment descending ladder. Grab your mat, press play, and let's get after it. 


Round 1 = 50 reps of each exercise. For each subsequent round, subtract 10 reps (50/40/30/20/10)


Push-ups (regress to knees if needed )


Table Top Dips 


Left Shoulder Taps (regress to knees if needed)


Right Shoulder Taps (regress to knees if needed) 


Seated Cross Punches 



Vidal Carlin is an SF-based trainer whose expertise within the fitness and training industry has earned him several professional certifications and regularly working as both a personal trainer and a Senior Barry’s Bootcamp instructor. Whether a seasoned athlete or exercise novice, Vidal enjoys meeting people where they’re at, and has experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities. 


Instagram: @vidalcarlinfitness


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