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It's here. The morning you've been waiting for. That time of year when you look back fondly (sometimes perhaps too fondly) on all your high school sporting achievements and pray you maintained even a small ounce of your athletic ability. That's right. It's Turkey Bowl time. What is typically a friendly game can have its fair share of intense moments. And while at the end you might be a little bruised and broken, we're here to help you look the part and feel great about reliving your glory days. We reached out to a few NFL players to get their thoughts on playing a successful Turkey Bowl this year. Here's what they had to say.


Kyle Juszczyk // Fullback for the San Francisco 49ers

I’ve participated in MANY Turkey Bowls in my day so I understand the magnitude of the event.  (I grew up in Ohio so it was COLD in November.)

What To Wear: The more padding the better!  Hoodie with a jacket and snow pants with long underwear underneath are essential.  All those layers come in handy when you’re getting tackled considered you’re not coming out there in shoulder pads and helmets.  Also very important to keep your hands and feet warm.  The first people to bow out of the game are always the people who “can’t feel their fingers and toes”.

How To Pick Your Team:  Err on the side of youth.  I need energy and tenacity out there!

Warming Up:  It’s important to constantly be moving when playing in the snow.  As soon as you stop, your body realizes just how cold you are.

Tips On Catching:  As a professional football player you are always coached to catch the ball with your hands.  This coaching point goes out the window in the Turkey Bowl.  It's most likely freezing outside and your hands are numb or you have big padded gloves on.  Embrace the body catch!  Again, use those extra layers and padding to your advantage.

Tips For Successful Plays:  No Turkey Bowl is complete with some kind of double reverse flea flicker pass type of play.  Lull the defense to sleep with your reverses in the backfield and then launch it deep for an easy touchdown!

How To Run A Good Defense With Small People:  It's all about getting to the ball.  As soon as that ball crosses the line of scrimmage everyone has to run to the ball. Good things happen to those that swarm the ball!


Nelson Agholor // Wide Receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders

This year is your year to dominate the Turkey bowl, but it’s very important you prepare well and pick your team well.

First your team because we all think we can dominate a game by ourselves but the reality is we need help to win. When picking your team I would advise you go young this year because your going to need that youthful energy for 4 quarters of football. But if you can get a sleeper pick in that one aunt that has a track back ground and ran a blazing 200 meter, I would pick her first. She is your secret weapon.

After your team is assembled it’s time to warm up. Make sure you get some sprints in and also get good hamstring stretches! If you do this routine you will put yourself in position to win this year's turkey bowl!


Nate Stanley // Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings

What to Wear: Sweats because your obviously stuffed with food.

What To Do To Warm Up: Get a little stretching in with a piece of pie and if it’s cold hot chocolate to!

Tips on Catching: Bear hug the ball.

Tips On Successful Run Plays: As a QB were not running the ball, we’re throwing it every play!


Troy Apke // Safety for the Washington Football Team



What To Wear: Have at least an under shirt and sweatshirt incase you tackle someone too hard so that you have a little padding. Maybe some gloves depending on the weather.

What To Do To Get Warm: Little lap around the field and a few hamstrings stretches. You don’t want to pull anything. Get a little sweat going.



Special Plays To Run: Run a hook and ladder. Throw it to a receiver and they toss it back to another player.



Tips On Catching: Look the ball in. 

Tips On Successful Run Plays: Outside toss to the fastest player.




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