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Curious which shorts to snag to hold up with your strength sessions? Looking to layer up for those outdoor runs? Maybe you're searching for those activewear pieces that will seamlessly transition with your between your active pursuits and your day-to-day. You're in luck.

We caught up with some of our Outliers to get the low-down on their favorite pieces of Rhone activewear and how the gear keeps up with their endeavors. 

Meet Thai-Son Kwiatkowski

Not only is Thai-Son a professional tennis player, but he was also a member of the University of Virginia tennis team, winning 3 NCAA team championships in a row while there, as well as a singles championship during his senior year. He loves the one on one competition part of tennis and pushing the limits physically and mentally in the sport. Recently partnering with a tennis club in Vietnam, Thai is looking to grow the sport of tennis there and give kids an opportunity to play at the top level of the sport.

My go to match outfit is the Swift Short Sleeve and the Mako Shorts. The Swift Short Sleeve is so light and breathable especially when I'm sweating a lot. I love the cut of the Mako Shorts and the 7' inseam looks great on leg day.

I also really like the Spar Joggers, I have them in two colors and they look great heading to my workout but are also stylish enough to wear to dinner.

Meet Aric Almirola

Aric Almirola is a Cuban-American race car driver in the NASCAR Cup Series as well as a father of two (Alex and Abby) and a husband to Janice Almirola. The 37-year old Tampa, Fla. native is a three-time winner in the NASCAR Cup Series with a best overall finish of fifth in the championship points. He has made the NASCAR Playoffs four consecutive years in a row. Off the track, Almirola prides himself on being a family man, Christian athlete and a health, fitness and business enthusiast.

I love how durable, yet comfortable all of Rhone’s clothing is. You know it’s good when you’ve trained in a shirt or pants 50 times and they look exactly how they came the first time you ordered them. That’s what I love. I know when I order something it’s going to be my go-to choice before a training session (specifically the Mako Shorts, Reign Short Sleeve and Element Tee). I’m big on cycling, running, and light weight-to-bodyweight movements. I’ve recently been lifting a lot more too during the off-season. With cycling and running it’s a big deal to have clothes that don’t cause irritation during those long rides or runs. You really don’t feel it when you move. It just flows. I love how durable it is when I lift weights, too. I know I’m not going to rip or stretch my Rhone gear and I can’t say the same for some of my older equipment. As race car drivers, we’re built to be lighter inside the car, so there are times in the season where I lose a lot of weight (7-9 lbs after a race due to sweat loss and calorie burn). I LOVE how the apparel seems to tailor to my body every time I wash them. Then when I do put some weight and muscle back on it just seems to adapt and fit perfectly. I look and feel good in the same size even though my weight and size fluctuates so much during the season.


Meet Joe Kwon 

Joe Kwon is not only the cellist for touring act The Avett Brothers, but he’s also the host of CARV Fitness, an online training platform. Joe created CARV Fitness in 2021 not only in response to so many of us being cooped up with no gym to sweat in but also in response to a lack of human connection. CARV offers weekly live workouts, Q&A sessions, and a full on-demand workout library.

My activewear gear pick is the Spar Set (jogger and hoodie). I love the soft fabric that stops just enough wind from getting through to my skin on those cold morning outdoor workouts. The spar material feels so technical and yet seems like it can be worn out to brunch after a nice WOD. I order a size down so there is less extra room to bunch when I’m doing squats or cleans and it couldn’t fit me better. To be honest, when I’m on tour, I wear a jogger set backstage until it’s time to put on show clothes.

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