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If you're anything like the rest of us, you occasionally get bored while working out and like to mix things up. You do HIIT one day and a boxing class the next, seeking out each new boutique fitness class to keep things interesting. Well, now there's an app that can do it for you. Meet JETSWEAT, an on-demand, customizable fitness platform that provides exclusive access to premium boutique studio classes and  structured programming personalized to fit individual goals. That coupled with real-time performance tracking empowers an active lifestyle wherever, whenever. 

The idea behind JETSWEAT is to bring real studio experiences directly to your fingertips wherever you are, whether that be in your hotel room, your living room, your office, or the beach. We sat down with Erin and Lexi, founders of JETSWEAT, to get all the details. Here's what we found out. 


Where did the idea for JETSWEAT come from?

Lexi: “As busy professionals and boutique fitness enthusiasts, we know how precious time is, and the importance of staying active while on-the-go. We are invested in building a community of top studio partners, providing great workouts, customized training, and high-definition video content to our users at a low fee, and while making it accessible anywhere in the world.

In a time when everyone from ClassPass to Peloton is attempting to bring the studio workout experience home, we went a different route: we wanted to create a mobile first platform for people like ourselves who want access to our favorite boutique studio workouts while we are traveling- something we can easily do anytime anywhere.”

Erin: “Both of us frequent a variety of different studios. That’s the beauty of this new fitness culture and that’s how our demographic consumes fitness. However, we don’t want to have to do the same cardio dance class all of the time. We want to have access to customize our workouts so we can adapt our workout regimen to different amounts of time and different types of equipment. And, everyday, we want to work on different parts of our body. Ultimately, we wanted to create a technology platform curated around the boutique studio experience that allows us to adapt to our environment.”


What kinds of workouts do you offer?

Erin: “JETSWEAT offers workouts in virtually every modality. You can find everything from Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Functional Training, Mobility, CrossFit, Sculpt, Barre, Cardio and very soon you’ll see classes from top-tier boutique fitness studios within the running, spin, rowing & boxing categories as well.”

Lexi: “Workouts are kept authentic to that studio’s experience while catering to a remote audience. So we often limit equipment required and provide optional hacks, like using small towels for sliding discs or thick books in place of a yoga block.”


What classes do you have that are currently focused on men’s training?

Erin: “People generally assume men are always going for HIIT and strength workouts, but we also see a lot of demand for a holistic approach to fitness extending to functional training, mobility, stretching, and yoga. Switch Playground, Solace, Trooper Fitness, and Body Space Fitness are amazing for tough and effective HIIT and strength workouts. For something different we also have Martial Arts from Masterskya, led by world ranked Jiu-Jitsu master, Alex Ecklin. We just introduced a brand new studio called The Wright Fit, which is only available at the most exclusive buildings in NYC and gives you access to top functional longevity training. Think perfection in form and deep expertise from highly credentialed instructors.”


How does the app work?

Lexi: “It’s really pretty simple. You log in and complete a brief fitness profile which contributes to the app’s personalization algorithm. Then you can browse workouts by category or by studio, or you can check out programs which are a series of workouts to perform over a number of weeks depending on your fitness goals.

Once you’ve found your workout, you can get started immediately or you can schedule it for later and it will feed into your app calendar and iPhone calendar with reminders. After you’ve finished, you can track progress in the stats dashboard and see minutes, calories and number of workouts completed.”


How often will I see new content?

Erin: “At the moment, we are refreshing the app with new content monthly!”


Sometimes I don't necessarily have time for a long workout. Do you offer variety of workout lengths?

Lexi: “The workouts range in length anywhere between 2 minute meditations to 75 minute workouts.”


How is JETSWEAT different from some of the other online streaming platforms we’ve seen?

Erin: “The best part of JETSWEAT is that, unlike other video on-demand fitness apps/sites, we draw our video classes from a growing portfolio of only the top studios across the world. In other words, instead of having to pick and choose between high-intensity interval training at Trooper Fitness, a meditation workshop at MindFresh, total body yoga at Sky Ting Yoga, dance cardio at IntenSati or a Jujitsu-inspired martial arts class at Masterskya—not to mention, having to actually go to those places—you can try them all from the comfort of your own home. Which is great, especially when you don't want to commute across town before or after work or when you only have about 23 minutes to workout one day and need to customize your workout to meet your particular allotted time slot each day.”


What’s your current favorite workout class you offer?

Erin: “Hmm. That’s a tough question. Personally, I like to mix up my workout regimen with a variety so I have a favorite in every category.  Most recently, I like to start with a dynamic HIIT workout like Switch Playground or Trooper Fitness earlier in the week and then move onto a low impact workout focused on sculpting my glutes and abs like Xtend. I like to end the week with a more mindful movement like Woom Experience.”


What’s a class we should try if we haven’t? 

Lexi: “Definitely take a Trooper Fitness class! It’s a secret gem here in NYC. And, Prince maintains an unrelenting positive and motivational attitude throughout all of his workouts.”


How much can I customize my workout/workout program?

Lexi: “You can use 10 filters to get really specific into equipment on hand, muscle groups or limitations. We also use your profile data to push recommendations which will get smarter the more you use the app.”


What are some upcoming workouts to get excited about?

Erin: “We’ll be adding some workouts soon from some of our newest studio partners who are based on the west coast! Stay tuned and check the app soon for the new content!”


How can I view my JETSWEAT workouts?

Lexi: “On mobile, iPad, web platform, or you can stream to TV through AirPlay or Chromecast.”


Curious to try it out for yourself? Check out this free workout from the JETSWEAT app with SwitchPlayground and Steve Uria! 

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