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He's an accomplished author, notable television personality, and an Iron Chef to boot, but Geoffrey Zakarian isn't just impressive in the kitchen. We met up with the famed chef in February at the SOBEWFF where he was filming his notable podcast, Food Talk. Here's what he had to say. 




Who would be your dream guest at a dinner party that you could cook for?

Keith Jaret and hopefully he would play my piano while he was over!


If there was one item off your menu at The Lambs Club that you had to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? The Greek salad!


Given your profession, do you find you have to put more of an emphasis on a solid fitness routine given all of the amazing food you’re around and cooking?

Not necessarily - I would do it anyway! If you have good self-control there’s really no downside to being a chef as far as healthy eating goes.


What is your favorite healthy meal to make and what is your favorite cheat meal? They’re the same! Roast chicken with root veggies and a green salad with mustard vinaigrette.


We know you value a good workout. With a busy travel schedule, what has become your go-to workout? 

I work out five days a week and try to do something different every day. When I travel, I typically do more bodyweight and band workouts. 


You were the host of Food Talk on SiriusXM for quite some time. What or who was your most memorable interview while hosting? 

Bobby Flay and his daughter, Sophie. We had a fascinating conversation.


You are launching a new podcast with iHeartPodcast Network! What are you most excited about and what should listeners look forward to the most?

We have the ability to take as much time as we need because we have 40minutes to 1 hr. Performance is hard to dig into with old format which was 15 minutes. Just listen to Chris Bosh’s episode and you’ll see what I mean.


Current favorite song to cook to and current favorite song to workout to?

I don’t workout to music, but right now for cooking my favorite is Moral of the Story by Ash and Sunday Best by Surfaces


Favorite piece of Rhone gear?

All of it, really. I wear the long sleeve zip up constantly.


Could you please share more about your involvement in City Harvest? How could our community contribute to what you’ve help build there?

Been going for 35 years and we just get better. Deliver healthy food, goal is to grow and continue. We are Up to 70 million pounds of food - the reality of it is sad bc that means there is such a huge need to fill, but the team is incredible and we do everything we can to keep improving.


To see more from Chef Zakarian, follow him on Instagram, where he is currently featuring meals to make at home. 


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