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When I signed up for virtual coaching with Pat Giles, I thought “How hard could this possibly be?” Well, the first week saw me foam rolling every night, the second had me on a routine regimen of Ibuprofen and the third saw me crawling towards an ice bath.

You see Pat runs a no-nonsense gym in the college town of Madison, Wisconsin. Any question about the straight forward approach of his training style is answered by the name of the gym itself: Pat’s Gym. Nothing extreme here, no flashy hi-tech accoutrements, just plain, old-fashioned hard work. As you might imagine, Pat is the same way. Humble, approachable and an absolute workhorse in the gym.

When the Work From Home phenomenon started, I sent him a text and told him what limited equipment I had at home. Two kettlebells, some dumbbells, a jump rope, medicine ball, and bands. I expected this would limit his creative cruelty when in fact it just opened up a myriad of possibilities and taught me just how hard a single kettlebell workout could be.

This is one he sent me that I would highly recommend. It’s challenging and fun and you’ll be done in 40 minutes or so. Give it a try and if you like it, jump over to Pat’s website and sign up for his training. I promise it’s worth it.

Set a timer for 1:00 intervals. Complete 37 rounds and perform max reps each minute.

If you can do the whole thing without setting the KB down (aside from rest) you get to go heavier next time. I used a 35 lb. kettlebell and found it appropriate for all of the movements.

Around the Waist - Right

Around the Waist - Left

Figure 8 - Right

Figure 8 - Left





Goblet squat

Alternating Push-press



Swing - Right-handed

Swing - Left-handed

Clean - Right-handed

Clean - Left-handed

Snatch - Right-handed

Snatch - Left-handed


Overhead squat - Right-handed

Overhead squat - Left-handed

Windmill - Right-handed

Windmill - Left-handed

Good morning


Weighted Dit-up

Leg Lift

Seated Twist

1/2 Turkish Get-up - Right-handed

1/2 Turkish Get-up - Left-handed


Front plank (no KB)

Right plank (KB optional)

Left plank (KB optional)

V sit (KB optional)

Overhead Hold (bottoms up hold optional)

Squat Hold (KB optional)

Hope you enjoy!


To see more from Pat Gilles, follow him on IG: @pats_gym or @pgilles

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