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It’s no secret that family is one of the things that drives us. Fatherhood has shaped us, changed us, and will continue to challenge us for the remainder of our lives. With another Father’s Day upon us, we wanted to take a second and wish you a happy day and also share a few things that we have learned about the most important job we will ever have.

  1. The 7 Day Series - We love a good sports analogy, and this is one that is easily understood, and hopefully, it’s helpful. You need four wins to move on in a seven game series, and the same could be said for parenting in a given week. You are going to have good days and bad days. The most important thing is showing up every day and winning more often than you lose. A win is staying patient, staying safe, having fun, teaching lessons, showing affection, being vulnerable, working together, playing together, etc. Take it one day at a time, and focus on the wins.

  2. Tie Your Own Shoelaces First- Another analogy, and one you may have heard before, but think about putting on shoes and trying to get out the door. Often, as fathers, we try to put everyone else’s shoes first, neglecting to tie our own shoelaces, and then we trip and fall. A positive mental health practice is paramount to being a good father. Don’t get it twisted—this isn’t an excuse to neglect your family in pursuit of some midlife crisis ideal. We are just reminding you to take care of yourself, and by doing so, you’ll find it easier to take care of others.

  3. 18 Summers - The Idaho Board of Tourism produced a spot that absolutely tore me apart last year, in a good way. We only have 18 summers with our kids before they leave for college. With such a short time, we may feel the pressure to teach and impart all of our knowledge. It’s so natural to want to do that, but we think that’s the wrong approach. Take those 18 summers to build a solid connection with your children, individually when possible but collectively as well. Teach them that you will always love and support them and create memory-building moments, which often aren’t expensive or elaborate but intimate and meaningful.

Our online journal, The Pursuit, did a deep dive on fatherhood this June, and there are some tremendous articles that will help you in your efforts. But from our side personally, it’s another year to celebrate the wins, reflect on how you’ve grown, and make some resolutions on how you can be better. Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating today. Make it a good one.

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