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Hit the backyard (or living room will do) for a bodyweight workout by professional fighter and trainer Jason Markland. This full-body workout will test your explosiveness, your endurance, and your strength throughout the 1-minute intervals. So clear some room and let's get started.  

Complete 4x1 Minute of Each Exercise

1. Inchworm - Frogger’s: Tap your toes, keep your legs straight, and walk your hands out to a push plank position. Then jump your feet to the outside of your palms, kick your feet back to a push-up plank position walk your hands back to your toes and repeat. 


2. Squats - Split Squats: Stay low with your squat and proceed to jump halfway up. Then split your leg in a reverse lunge position. Repeat on the other side and switch to your starting position.


3. Superman - Explosive Pushups: Laying flat on your stomach, proceed to lift your chest and lower extremities off the ground. As you lower into a pushup position, explode upward into a half Superman and repeat.


4. Plank Reach - Hold: In a pushup plank position with your shoulders stacked under your palms, slowly walk your hands forward until you’ve reached your max length to hold yourself up. Hold for 5 seconds and then return to starting position. Repeat 5 times to a minute.


5. Half Hollow holds - Dead bugs: Lay on your back, lift your shoulders off the ground and tuck your knees to your chest. Hold your elbows tightly onto your knees for 3 seconds. Slowly lower one leg without separating the elbows and knees on the opposite side. Return to your starting position and repeat.


To see more from Jason, follow him on Instagram: @jmarkland_



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