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Sitting at a desk all day working can wreak havoc on your body. Why? The body tends to follow the path of least resistance. So, when we sit, it’s easy to fall into a position of comfort, which isn’t always the best option for our bodies. Without counteracting these static, prolonged positions, the body adapts to these less than optimal postures, which can lead to muscle and joint stiffness, tightness, or even worse, pain brewing up.

Here are six simple, yet effective exercises you can do without any equipment to keep your body moving while you are working at your desk.

Exercise: Posture Correction In Sitting

  • This exercise is a great way start to activate the back muscles to put the body in an upright position without defaulting into a slouched position. The main point here is to focus on the lat and back muscles to bring the body “up tall.”

  • 10” contraction hold x10 reps

 Exercise: Upper Trap Stretch

  • This exercise is a good way to stretch the upper trap muscle, which tends to develop in tightness and stiffness. The main idea here is to feel a muscular stretch, not aggressively bring the neck as far as you can into the stretch. 

  • 30” stretch hold x 4 reps (each side)

Exercise: Extension over the Chair

  • This exercise helps mobilize the upper back (thoracic spine). 

  • 2-3 sets of 15 reps (1-2” pause each rep over chair)

 Exercise: Thoracic Rotation

  • This exercise helps create active mobility into rotation to the upper back.

  • 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps each direction (10” pause each rep at end range)

Exercise: Hip flexor and Quad Stretch

  • This exercise helps “open up” the front of the hip flexor & quad region. 

  • 30” stretch hold x4 reps each side

Exercise: Glute Stretch

  • This exercise helps stretch the glute muscles of the hip in a sitting position. The main idea here is keeping focus on back staying “flat” during the stretch and emphasizing the glute stretching.

  • 30” stretch hold x4 reps each side


Follow Dr. Nick Buonforte DPT, CSCS for even more insight into mobility, flexibility, performance, and more.




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