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We all find ourselves avoiding the pitfalls of burnout. Whether it's the day to day stress that feels overwhelming or not enough hours in the day to recover. There are simple and applicable ways that we can build more time for ourselves. 

According to a survey by Deloitte 77% of employees that completed the survey have experienced burnout more than once and 84% of millennials have experienced burnout at their current job.

Get your mornings back! Begin your day with something besides your phone, email, and social media. Our mornings can become our sacred time where we include physical practice (stretching, walking, running, breathing, weight training). Coffee sipped slowly, outside with direct sunlight - helps to set your circadian rhythm. If you're slow to start and find you're too tired to get into the routine, start slow with an easy walk without your phone. The first 90 minutes post waking is an immensely valuable time for brain state. 

Find an activity that you're not good at. Learning a new language, skill, or sport helps to build new neural pathways. This gives you an opportunity to expand and grow outside of your comfort zone. If you're trying something new it takes time and patience - growth happens outside of your comfort zone. 

Take a random week day off once every few weeks. On that day off, find time to disconnect for a hike or non phone activity. Even on a walk, leave your phone behind or keep it on airplane mode. Taking a weekday off doesn't limit productivity, it actually can enhance it. Studies from a Microsoft subsidiary showed that a 4 day work week proved to be more productivity than the traditional 5. This can also help alleviate the Sunday Scaries.

Develop a good relationship with eustress (moderate or normal psychological stress). Finding activities that help to create good stress in your system. These activities can include working out, intermittent or longer fasts, and cold/hot exposure - they can help provide good feelings, excitement, and release dopamine. They can also increase resilience and help to improve sleep. 

Find an adventure. Life goes by fast especially if your day to day is less than enjoyable. Living for the weekend is not sustainable. When you go on vacation or are you looking to unwind with a good book and a couple extra cocktails? Find activities that are outside the norm that help you expand and grow as a human. If your day to day is all about moving the chains and status quo then find a space in your life to live at a higher level. Take chances and release some of that day to day stress with an adventure that makes you feel alive! Homeostasis is not the answer our body and spirit craves more! 

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Ready to find adventure? 

If you're looking for that adventure I'm leading a retreat in the Yucatan at the end of October where we will explore ancient and modern movement, and incorporate breath work, cold and hot exposure with swims in cenotes.  


Learn more about the retreat here!

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