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As a father of a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl, I often live my life telling them what to do, while having the answers to everything. In actuality, I can learn from them each day as much as they can learn from me. My son Greyson is autistic, and although he has many challenges in his daily life, he has a beautiful and impulsive mind that allows him to be present and in the moment. My daughter Peyla is a very strong girl who sees the world a little bit different than some of her peers based on having a brother with special needs.  She is also caring, tough, and creative. Below are 5 things my kids have taught me. 

1. Change Is Good

As kids we constantly are exposed to new things by nature.  Whether it is starting a new school, joining a new team, or trying something for the first time, young people embrace change.  Adults are creatures of habits and tend to be more resistant to change, which often can lead to missed opportunities.  Kids take risks and are rewarded for it. 


2. Its Ok To Ask For Help

Kids depend on adults for so many things and aren’t shy when it comes to asking for assistance.  Being vulnerable is in a kid’s DNA, where adults can at times view being vulnerable as a weakness when in actuality it ‘s strength.  Adults want to help others but adults don’t always feel comfortable asking for help.  


3. Let Your Mind Wander

Nothing is more powerful than a kid’s ability to let his/her mind wander.  Having blank space in your mind allows you to think creatively and explore, Adults are so action driven and are task oriented.  What is being lost can be allowing blank space in your mind to think outside the box.  Seeing things that don’t physically exist at the moment can lead to a future opportunity. 


4. Show Emotions

From crying to laughing, kids wear their emotions on their sleeves.  By doing this they tell people how they feel and don’t hold things in like adults do.  Adults like to show others they are put together and in control.  Kids let it all out; meanwhile, adults are harder to understand when they don’t show their emotions.  I know I feel better when I have cried and wish I did it more.   


5. Be You

Kids don’t get caught up in worrying too much what others think.  Adults can be consumed what people might think and feel the urge to like up to certain standards.  Kids, especially at a younger age don’t care about being perfect and there is strength to that mindset.  It’s ok to have messy hair and wear sweatpants out.  

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