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Today is Small Business Saturday! We are lucky enough to partner with lots of businesses throughout the year, some small and some large.

These are the people who, through their businesses, bring character and a greater feeling of community to our small (and large) cities and towns. We are grateful for their creativity and their courage, especially this year. In an effort to give back to these businesses, we have put together a list of some of our favorites. So when you're shopping this weekend and this holiday season, remember that community matters and shop small! 


1. Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

This vegan candle company was started by 3 brothers (ages 13, 11, and 8) when their parents told them that if they wanted toys, they had to either get a job or start a business. While the company was originally started to buy toys, they now support the homeless in Maryland by donating a percentage of their proceeds each month.


2. Grounds & Hounds Coffee

A fan of coffee and dogs? This place is for you. They fuel dog rescue organizations with 20% of their profits. It's all organic and will arrive on your doorstep. Get a subscription or just enjoy different flavors when you'd like. 


3. Clean Simple Eats

Clean Simple Eats was created to help others find inner confidence by living a healthy lifestyle. They create meal plans, protein powder, and insanely good nut butters that compliment just about anything. 


4. Wellthy

Created by wellness expert Dan Cox, Wellthy is a natural supplement company created from a need. Dan found that most supplements were filled with unnatural additives, useless nutrients, and questionable chemicals. So he set out to create something better, something with real ingredients. 


5. Good Trbl Shop

Rhone Ambassador Joe Buckner, founder of Savage Boxing in Fort Collins, CO, recently launched a mobile pop up for sneakers and streetwear. Rather than carrying the same styles, designs, and brands you’d find at the average retailer, Good Trbl Shop specializes in offering a variety of unique and exclusive brands in addition to our own branded apparel.


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