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As we continue to focus our efforts this month on how to be more responsible to our planet, we polled the Rhone team and compiled our list of our favorite responsible brands. So the next time you hop on line or head to the store to shop, think about supporting brands that support our planet. 


Lane Eight

Athletic shoes, but make it sustainable. Meet Lane Eight. They are ditching the idea that a performance shoe could only be made for one specific sport or activity in mind and in the process, offering you a sustainable powerhouse so you can handle your runs and your gyn sessions with ease. They are reducing the impact of our shoes by using recycled plastic, algae-based cushioning, and vegan suede across our entire range.


Dirty Labs

Responsibility may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of laundry detergent, but it's the first thing on Dirty Labs' mind. They are the masterminds of their bio laundry detergent. Their goal is to create 100% biobased, biorenewable, and biodegradable formulas. From product to packaging, to sourcing, to their carbon footprint, Dirty Labs does all they can to remain responsible and sustainable. Plus you need only a teaspoon of their detergent and it really works. 


Stasher Bags

We all get a little snacky sometimes and Stasher Bags makes snacking responsible. Made from pure platinum silicone, these bags are reusable time after time. Use them for snacks, for travel, for those storing those smaller accessories, etc. The possibilities are endless and sustsainability just became a little easier. 


Thrive Market

Welcome to a world of easier healthy living. Thrive Market delivers organic, sustainable food and non-toxic goods to your home at a wholesale price. With carbon neutral shipping and recyclable and compostable packaging, not only are you doing good to your body, but you are doing good to the earth too. 


Package Free Shop

Meet your new favorite zero waste lifestyle store. Whether it's cleaning, shaving, hair care, or oral care, the Package Free Shop is on a mission to make natural and plastic free products more accessible, affordable, and convenient for all. 


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