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We all know getting quality sleep is essential for our health, but sometimes it’s harder said than done. Winding down for sleep can be hard. Some people watch TV or scroll through social media to wind down, but this can actually keep you awake longer and ruin your sleep quality.

A great alternative is to do some restorative yoga right before bed. Even 5-minutes can significantly help you wind down, relieve muscle tension, and help you sleep your best.


3 Yoga Poses To Do Before Bed

These are three beginner-friendly poses that can be done as restorative postures. 

As you go through this routine, keep in mind the following:

  1. Try to relax and release as much tension and stress as possible.

  2. Breath deeply and use that to be mindful and relax into the present moment, letting yourself de-stress.

  3. Don’t push too hard into any pose. (Remember - the goal is to relax for bed!)


Low Lunge

The low lunge is an essential posture for the lower body. As a restorative pose, it stretches your hips, hips flexors, and groin, releasing tension in these areas. For anyone that finds themselves sitting most of the day, this pose is very important for relieving tension in the hips and lower back.

As you hold the lunge, pay attention to where you might be holding tension in your body. Use your exhale to relax your shoulders, your neck, and even your face.

Hold time: 1-Minute


  1. Position knees and ankles parallel to each other, hip-width apart.

  2. Step your right foot up between your hands, bending your right knee to 90 degrees with the knee above the ankle. 

  3. Let hips sink slightly forward. 

  4. Press down through the right foot to shift weight into your right hip.

  5. Relax your hands on your thigh, and focus on slowing down your breathing, inhaling, and exhaling through your nose.

  6. Keep your back flat during this pose.

  7. Repeat on the other side.

Note: Use a block if you need it.


Half Split

The half split targets your hamstrings and calves to improve flexibility, reduce soreness, and relieve pressure on the lower back. Try to relax into this pose with your breath. Keep in mind your goal is to get an easy relaxed stretch. Don’t push yourself to a level 10.

Hold Time: 1 Minute


  1. Start in Low lunge with your left knee above your ankle and your right knee and foot resting on the floor, toes untucked. 

  2. Place hands on hips to ensure hips are level.

  3. Hinge forward to rest your fingertips on the floor on either side of your heel. Inch your left foot forward 4 to 6in (10–15cm), then shift your hips back.

  4. Flex the toes of your left foot toward your shin, and press your left thigh toward the floor until you feel a stretch through your left hamstrings. 

  5. Relax your neck. 

  6. Hold the posture, inhaling as you lengthen the spine, and exhaling as you deepen the stretch in the hamstrings. 

  7. Repeat on the other side.

  8. If you cannot flatten your back with your hands on the floor, rest your hands on blocks placed on either side of your front shin.

Note: In the half split, you can bend your knee to adjust the intensity of the hamstring stretch.

Child’s Pose

This is a very restorative pose that relaxes your body, relieves tension in your spine, back, and hips. It’s a great posture for deepening your breathing and releasing stress and tension from the day.

Hold Time: 1 Minute Or More


  1. Start on all fours with shoulders over hands and hips over knees. Widen knees slightly wider than hip-width apart, and touch big toes together.

  2. Shift your hips back toward heels as far as you comfortably can. Keep the torso as long as possible. 

  3. Keeping hips pushed back, walk your arms forward on the floor to stretch your back, and place hands shoulder-width apart. 

  4. Lightly squeeze arms and shoulders toward one another, and firmly press hands into the floor. 

  5. Slightly tighten lower abs, and draw ribs in. 

  6. Hold the posture, inhaling to expand your chest and fill lungs, and exhaling to tighten abs and draw ribs in.

  7. Relax as much as you can in the posture.


Final Thoughts

Remember to do it consistently and focus on mindfulness to get a great night’s sleep. And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed that quick “5-minute before-bed reset” from Man Flow Yoga in collaboration with Rhone, and I’ll see you on the next video!


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