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If you ever wondered how an Olympic Gold Medalist stays in shape, look no further. This is a no equipment needed workout from Olympic skier Hannah Kearney that will push your core and get your heart racing. 

Complete cardio exercise A for 20 seconds.  This is not a long time, so push your self and go all out. Immediately, without resting, complete core Exercise B for the next 40 seconds.

Repeat the 2 exercises one more time.

Move on to the next superset. 

After you have complete all 5 supersets, you exercised for 10 min.  Repeat one more time! 


1A: Squat Twister Toe Taps


1B: Plank Shoulder Taps


Repeat both exercises one more time.



2A: Lunge Jump Knee Drives


2B:  Dead Bugs


Repeat both exercises one more time.


3A: Up Center Back Center Jacks


3B: Supermans


Repeat both exercises one more time.


4A: Crisscross Squat Drop


4B: Full Sit-Up

Repeat both exercises one more time 


5A: High Knees


5B: Side Plank Rotations

Repeat one more time


Upon completing all 5 supersets, repeat one more time if you can handle it!


To see more from Hannah, follow her on IG: @hannahkearneyflatstanley


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