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Whether your body doesn't feel quite right after you've slept or you get to the end of the day and feel like your body could use a refresher, this is for you. We enlisted PT and FMT Nicholas Buonforte to put together a simple and effective routine to either warm up the body in the morning or simply wind down at night before bed. Below is an option for the order of performing these exercises. Sets & Reps can be changed up to meet your specific demands, however, below is an option to perform.


Neck, Shoulder, Spine Rotations

  • Providing rotation to the neck, shoulders, and spine in a slow & controlled manner

  • Sets & Reps: 1 set of 10 each way (clockwise and counterclockwise)


Hip Flexor and Hamstring Dynamic Rock 

  • Great one to address the hip flexor and hamstring at the same time. Key here is to not over aggressively move into the stretch positions, but search for your region of stiffness/tightness during the exercise. 

  • Sets & Reps: 1 set of 20 reps each way (both sides)


Quadruped Rock and Reach

  • Good one here to address low back, hips, and shoulder. Rocking backward toward the heel and then reaching to the side of the body with both hands until a stretching sensation is felt to the side of the body

  • Sets & Reps: 1 set of 15 reps each way 


Open Books

  • The emphasis here is upper back rotation. Awareness to not simply just move the arm backward is important with this one

  • Sets & Reps:  1 set of 15 each way



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