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It's a new year, but you’re the same you. Maybe that’s a good thing, and maybe that is something you want to change. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, let’s get this year started off right, together!

Take our 2020 challenge and enter to win a $250 gift card to AND a $250 Clean Simple Eats All-In Bundle.

To participate, complete the four challenges below and post about it on social media. Make sure to tag @rhone and @cleansimpleeats so we can choose a winner. Good luck and Happy New Year!



1. Set 2-3 goals for yourself in the following areas:

  • Family/social

  • Professional

  • Personal

Write each goal down and post them somewhere you will see them each day. 

2. Do this workout courtesy of Clean Simple Eats Fit and start 2020 feeling energized. 


3. Make one (or all three if you love good food) of the following recipes from Clean Simple Eats and see how good healthy eating can be!

Thor-Chata Post-workout Shake


Breakfast Tacos


Thai Chicken Soup

4. Write down 5 things that happened in 2019 and what you learned from them.


Now get after it. This year is your year. We can feel it. 



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