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Kenny Santucci knows a thing or two about running. With over a decade of experience, he has done it all from a 5K to a marathon to an Ironman clocking in countless hours of training and learning how to do it more effectively. As an athlete and coach, he consistently strives to work harder and help others reach their goals efficiently, especially when it comes to running. With the forecast turning warmer and an increasing yearning to get outdoors while keeping a safe distance, we enlisted Kenny to share some tips for avid runners and beginners alike on how to best prepare to hit the pavement while still working out (and training) from home.


1. Hydration is the key to success.

With hydration comes electrolytes, which not only regulate nerve and muscle function but help rebuild damaged tissue. Summer is the perfect opportunity to run outside, especially if you’re chained to a desk indoors most of the day. You might as well combine the benefits of exercising with the added bonus of fresh air! Before you head outdoors be sure you’re properly hydrated so you can perform at your best. Every athlete is different, which means every athlete will require a different amount and form of hydration. Don’t forget that hydrating after you run is just as important as the work you did leading up to it.


2. Focus on mobility and structural stability.

My goal is to get into a full range of motion and create triple extensions through my running. When you’re running think of bringing your knees up towards your chest and pulling from your hamstrings, not your hip flexors. Immobility will slow you down and eventually lead to injury, which is why practicing mobility work and stretching will allow you to find your tight spots and work through them. In order to have structural stability you must be strong. Running at its core is locomotion and low-level plyometrics. If we don’t have the strength in our hips and joints and overall structure we won’t be able to perform properly. Strength training is just important as running and the foundation for strong runners.


3. If you look good, you feel good and perform better!

Since we’ve been in quarantine we will all want to look good as soon as we get outside and hit the pavement to run! Use this time to find a new pair of running shoes that suit you and your stride best. With temperatures rising you won’t need to layer as much when you run outside, so invest in some basics for your running wardrobe that will keep you cool and dry as you turn up the heat from working hard. Bonus points if it all looks good and makes you feel your best!


Kenny Santucci is a coach, personal trainer, athlete, and founder of Strong New York. To see more from Kenny, follow him on Instagram: @kennysantucci

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