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The squat is a foundational movement in life. Whether we are working out or simply getting up from the dinner table - it's a squat. There are numerous exercises that can be done to improve the depth of your squat. Here are three simple & effective ones to improve your squat.


First, 90-90 hip transitions. This is a great way to warm the hips up moving into rotation range of motion. A modification to keep the hands down is an option. By improving hip rotation (both hip external and internal rotation) helps improve the mechanics of the hip. As the mechanics of the hips improve, the hip moves better, and ultimately could help getting lower into your squat

  • 2-3 sets of 20 reps


Second, active hip flexion. In squatting, our hips move into hip flexion. Although we don't necessarily move into active hip flexion in a squat, by teaching the body and working on improving this particular range of motion, the squat improves. 

  • 4-6 sets of 10 sec holds


Third, hip abduction in a squat. This exercise is great for glute activation into a squat, which is crucial for range of motion and control. You descend into a squat position, at your bottom position, thinking of driving the knees out as far as possible and holding for a period of time. Straps could be helpful for support. 

  • 2-3 sets of 10 reps  (5-10 sec hold each rep)

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