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Picture this: it’s 7:00 AM, the alarm on your phone rings once, twice, three times, and finally, you’re awake. You hit the ‘stop’ button and take a moment to review any notifications that came in during the night. Reply to a work email, “like” an Instagram post, read the news highlights. Sound familiar? Of course it does– it’s become the morning routine for the majority. While you might think the best way to start your morning is reuniting with your screen, Science suggests that looking at your phone when you first awake is one of the worst things you can do. 

When you first wake up, your brain has to go from releasing delta waves to theta, alpha and finally beta, (when you’re fully awake and alert) according to Forbes. Looking at your phone first thing in the morning forces your brain to rapidly climb the wavelength ladder, which is no way to start your morning. Here are 10 ways you can start your morning without checking your phone. 


Take the time you’d normally spend in bed and treat your body to some movement. No one is saying that you have to hit the pavement for a brutal 10 mile run–it can be as simple as a neighborhood walk with the dog or some time spent chasing the kids around in the park. Take the time to be present with yourself and your surroundings. 

Spend time with a family member 

Breaking a habit can be difficult when you’re surrounded by others partaking in the exact habit you’re trying to break. Rope in a family member to join you in this challenge and take the opportunity to unplug together. Talk about the day ahead, or something you’re looking forward to in the coming weeks. Enjoy not having to answer to anyone but each other! 

Listen to a Podcast 

We know this might sound a little hypocritical, but the amount of time it takes you to open up a podcast on your phone, or other device, is much less than the time you’d normally spend scrolling. Open up a podcast about art, music, or creative food recipes and broaden your horizons. 


There’s no better way to start your morning than taking time to be present with yourself. Meditating and practicing mindfulness are great ways to ground the body before facing the day ahead. New to meditation? Apps like Headspace or Calm are great guides for new or experienced meditators. 

Read a Book

This doesn’t mean reading the latest Stephen King novel cover to cover before you brush your teeth. Reading even one page in the morning is better than reading someone’s latest Facebook status or Twitter musings. Try reading a page or two each morning and surprise yourself with how engaged you become with the words and with yourself. Plus, a stack of books makes for some eye-catching decor.

Mindfully make a cup of coffee

A morning must have is a cup of coffee just how you like it. Instead of setting up auto-brew the night before, try brewing a fresh pot first thing while your phone sleeps in. Ask yourself, where did the beans come from? Who picked them? How did they get into my cup? And most importantly, seek some moments of gratitude while enjoying that first sip. 


You might surprise yourself with how helpful it can be to get the stresses of the day ahead out of your mind and onto a piece of paper. We’re not saying the pen in your hand will magically sweep away the challenges that lie ahead, but it can be helpful to see each one in front of you and organize your day around what’s most important. 

Make Your Bed 

Making your bed is an easy task to assign yourself every morning. Before you pick up your phone, make sure you pull up the covers and stack the pillows. After you’re done you’ll have accomplished the first task of the day! This will only encourage you to complete another and then another. 

Practice Self-Care

There’s nothing more important than taking care of your body (and mind) and making sure you nourish it inside and out. This is why it makes sense to start your day by practicing self-care, however you see fit. Take a shower, wash your face, maybe try out a new hairstyle. All of the above will help ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with the skin you’re living in. 

Check the Weather 

There’s nothing worse than sweating on your way to work or getting caught in what you think is a random rain shower because you never checked the weather. Pop a squat on the couch and turn on the weather channel to get an accurate read on the sky and plan your fit of the day. A quick weather check fits perfectly with mindful coffee sipping.

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