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Shark Week is upon us which means we get to learn all the things we didn't know about sharks. If you don't have the time to tune in to Shark week with our friend Paul De Gelder on the Discovery channel, no worries. We've compiled a list of some of the lesser-known facts about sharks to get your fill.

  1. The pocket shark is the rarest shark species. It resembles a mini-whale and has two small pockets that produce luminous fluid.

  2. Sharks do not sleep the way humans do, they have active and restful periods. Some sharks don’t sleep at all.

  3. Sharks go through approximately 30,000 teeth in their lifespan.

  4. Bamboo sharks don’t swim, instead they use their fins to crawl along the seafloor.

  5. The only bones sharks have are their teeth. They have a cartilaginous skeleton that helps them swim faster.

  6. There are approximately 500 species in sharks that range from a few inches to 40 feet.

  7. A shark's lifespan is 20-30 years.

  8. A female shark’s skin is thicker than a male shark’s skin. (because when mating males bite females)

  9. Cookiecutter sharks take circular chunks out of prey.

  10. Great white sharks eat approximately 11 tons of food per year while the average human eats ½ a ton per year.

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